Alexis Buehrer Design

Alexis Buehrer Design


I stand for collective work, collaboration and exchange.
I believe in sharing ideas between creatives and industries yields innovation.

I value equality and inclusion without discrimination.
I thrive in diverse environments and see through the eyes of my neighbors.

I strive to create sustainable solutions that care for future generations and the planet.
I want to work across the world on new processes, respectful of worker and the environment.

I bring meaning, purpose, education and joy to fashion and design.
I want the next generation to be proud and safe.

I promote quality, craftsmanship, knowledge and transparency.
I know true success comes as a result of good work and excellence.

I consider the well-being of any teams to be a priority with mutual empowerment and support.
I share my stories, we learn and grow by being together.



This consulting is a good start for new designers or young brands who want to make a move towards responsible fashion and need help having a global view on the different steps and challenges.
I help start the conversation along the development process to reach the goals and protect the integrity of the brand.
I share my experience and expertise so the next generation can move forward.
I source the right partners in Portugal to develop and produce your project including fabric, trim and factory selection.


My international experience and the diversity of products I worked on give me the ability to create a full range of products adapted to each client.
I manage the concept development process from mood boards to sketches & first samples to production approval.
Specialist in Men’s & Women’s Apparel.


In the world we live in today, we need to make better decisions and streamline how we work in the fashion industry, cutting costs and supporting sustainability.
I offer my experience and expertise to manage the follow up at local factories in Portugal until the finished garments are approved, providing a domestic facilitator service.
I help your brand source responsible fabrics, trims and dead stock in Portugal. I review and approve lab dips and print strike offs for samples and production with urgency,  mindful of the time & action calendar with the goal of cutting costs.


  • Design, Tech packs
  • Research, moodboard & color palette
  • Consulting on collection & range planning
  • Dead stock sourcing and solutions
  • Fabric & trim sourcing & selection
  • Fabric development & lab dip approval 
  • Sample & production fitting


  • Hand sketch to Illustrator & Photoshop
  • Creative Direction
  • Fashion Design
  • Technical Sketches
  • Merchandising & Range Planning
  • Design Development Time & Action management
  • Team management
  • Show/ Pre-Collection/ Outlet
  • European and American Market Specialist


  • +13 years of experience
  • Fast design decision for problem solving
  • Time saving on sampling and production
  • Cost saving on shipping and travel
  • Solutions focused on responsible processes

See you soon!

Based in Lisbon, Portugal