My ex-wife is Big Mary

It’s the story of a girl making clothes for boys.It’s a love conversation, a thought in the form of a collection.
A men’s collection emerging from a world of troupe, codes to be respected, a tent, a caravan, a deserted road, a meal with friends, and a collaboration.
It’s an universe that expresses differences as the norm.
This all forms a world where we don’t have a lot of clothing, rather beautiful pieces that we care about. These pieces carry a story, an experience and they defines us.
The important thing is to create a personal feeling In these garments, almost a worn feeling, even. So then garments tell a story, and has character.
These men who do not tell their past because it’s visible on them, who assume their ambiguity and their pathetic desires.

It was the story of these men that was imagined by a girl.